Do You Trust God to Fulfill His Promises and Purposes in You?

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I believe insights are designed to equip and to position us to have the ability to speak and agree with God's Word. Positioning is everything. Having God honor your words, and not allowing them to fall to the ground, is key. God spoke light into existence. Light will continue on until He changes that standing order.

I believe the Father is preparing the body of Christ for a paradigm shift.
A place where we don't speak our feelings or emotions,
but rather what we desire to come to pass, as we agree with his Word.
The goal is to be well-rounded, balanced Christians,
to be one of the ones who can move mountains, speak to the wind and sea,
and they obey at your word, honored by God.

Are you one of the ones who speaks faith? When you speak to the wind, sea, mountains,
and trees, do they take heed to your command because you pleased God?
What will you speak into existence?

THE PRICE OF FAVOR: What Words Would Jesus Say?
Begins with, going through God's process, trusting God's process, and His faithfulness to fulfill His promises and purpose in us. We must not quit. Strategic insights for victory of the whole man. Coupling a balanced life and incorporating these words will bring a more intimate appreciation of God's faithfulness. Creating a paradigm shift of our words, while unleashing words that bring peace and lasting joy. WHAT WORDS WOULD JESUS SAY? is designed to create a wildfire in our hearts.

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