In 1989, Dan Solomon rededicated his life to God. “I wasn’t leading a bad life,” he says, “but it was definitely one without direction.” The more he studied and the more he prayed, the answers became clearer. “God had the answers,” says Solomon.” He always has the answers. What I’ve had to learn is to trust that He holds the truth about my life. I’ve learned to trust His wisdom.”


What followed was an odyssey of discovery for Solomon. Over the years, he has served as a deacon and trustee of his church, a Bible study and adult Sunday school teacher, director of a ministry for boys, and president of his church’s missionary operations. It’s proved to be a journey of discovery that has touched the lives of countless others as well.
Solomon’s new book The Price of Favor WWWJS (What Words Would Jesus Say? applies Scripture passages to reflections of Solomon’s personal walk with the Lord. According to The Price of Favor WwWJS, Christians need to become balanced. Through fasting, learning to forgive, learning to love, and repenting, Solomon says Christians are winning victories.
“My journey is still underway,” explains Solomon, “but if the ground I’ve already covered can benefit someone else, then I am doubly blessed.

WHAT WORDS WOULD JESUS SAY? is designed to create a wildfire in our hearts.”