Add Flair to Your Look With Mens Socks

Mens socks have come a long way since the days of boring white tube socks and black dress socks. Today they come in vibrant colours, exciting patterns, and novelty repeats. And no longer do neckties reign supreme when it comes to sartorial flair. For the modern man, style begins at the toe. The standard size for women is five to ten. However, there are also plus sizes available, so you can buy a pair of socks that fit your feet up to two inches bigger than your shoe size.

mens socksColours

Mens socks are often made in bright, bold colours. These socks can complement a colourful outfit, as long as they’re not too bold or distracting. A bold burgundy colour, for example, can look fantastic with a grey suit. Grey-blue and Prussian blue are also foundational two-tones perfect for sock and trouser combinations.

Some socks are simply plain, but they can add an element of colour to your outfit. You can also choose a coloured pair to complement your shirt, tie, or sports jacket. However, remember that you shouldn’t mix and match your socks with other items in your wardrobe. Choosing colours that complement your style and the rest of your ensemble is best.

When dressing for business, you can go for a bolder look if you work in a creative job. If you’re going to a corporate meeting, you can opt for a patterned pair. However, a checkered pair may seem unprofessional. Patterned socks are best worn with lace-up shoes and should match the rest of the outfit. White tennis socks should be reserved for sports footwear if you wear business clothes.


The styles of men’s socks have undergone significant evolution over the years. Once limited to the white tube and black dress socks, these socks have gone beyond the simple black or grey design to incorporate bold colours, striking patterns, and novelty repeats. While a necktie may still reign supreme in terms of sartorial flair, mens socks have come a long way. Men can add flair to their looks with socks, just like women can.

For a high-quality pair of socks, look for ones made from Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton has a higher thread count than regular cotton, which produces a finer finish. It is also harder to wear, making it a better choice for long-term use. Although these socks tend to be more expensive, they tend to last longer and provide better value.

Crew socks are popular among long-distance runners and hikers. They provide added absorbency and protection and are designed to fit snugly to prevent bunching or falling. Dress socks, on the other hand, are often mid-calf in length. They are thinner and usually feature decorative patterns.


A man’s socks should fit his feet well. However, the material they’re made of significantly affects their comfort and durability. The sock should be made of a material that won’t tear or stretch. Here are some factors to consider when choosing fabric for your men’s socks.

The fabric of mens socks can be made of various materials. Some are natural, such as cashmere goat hair, which is soft and warm. They’re also water-repellent and breathable. Bamboo is another great option, and it’s softer than cotton and breathable. Technical fabrics such as Coolmax are also available. They’re highly breathable and moisture-wicking, and they dry faster than cotton.

For sports, some individuals prefer quarter-top socks. These socks are longer than ankle socks and usually have sport-specific cushioning. They’re great for running and biking. For hiking, backpacking, or skiing, men can choose crew socks. These thicker socks offer excellent cushioning and are warmer to wear.


There are several factors to consider when choosing the correct sizing of men’s socks. First of all, the socks should fit your foot size. Most socks are sold in US shoe sizes, from ten to thirteen, but extra large socks are available if you have an unusually large foot.

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